Season 1 | June 2019

Join us for Season 1 as we explore the hidden forces of change.


The ways Love binds us (1\1)

In episode 1, we introduce you to Transcend’s creator and host, Jeff Riddle, who shares an intimate and gut-wrenching story about how he realized the narrative that defined his entire adult life and identity wasn’t true. And how the real story that emerged was not what he was expecting.


When it’s too noisy to hear yourself (1\2)

In this Transcend Feature, we follow Sarah Peck as she tries to talk herself into getting married and then discover the shocking way she narrowly escapes a disaster.


The Illusion of betrayal (1\3)

Zach Luz discovers that his longtime girlfriend has been cheating on him. Find out the gut-wrenching details about what happened, how he coped with this betrayal and the surprising way it changed his life.


Cracking MYSelf open (1\4)

With Alix Josyln. More details coming soon.


professional baseball, to ceo, & beyond (1\5)

With Ted Sullivan. More details coming soon.